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Pete A. Muñoz is a seasoned engineer who has focused the bulk of his career on the development of sustainable water infrastructure. A licensed engineer and former wastewater treatment plant operator, Mr. Muñoz has been involved in over 200 infrastructure projects including wastewater treatment, stormwater management, rain harvesting, environmental remediation, and watershed restoration. He maintains a holistic perspective when examining and addressing water related questions.

Water conservation, water reuse, and workable landscapes (edible and regenerative) are guiding factors in Mr. Muñoz’ practice. His philosophy pushes design work to reconnect community with their infrastructure. His work connects community with infrastructure by integrating it into our landscape, food systems and recreational areas. Providing opportunity for this connectivity allows for greater awareness, educational opportunities, robust systems, and cross pollination. Driven by a passion for intra-practice collaboration, Mr. Muñoz excels in the integrated design environment.

Mr. Muñoz has supervised or participated in a wide range of sustainability projects, including SITES, LEED, Living Building Challenge (LBC) and Living Community Challenge Projects. Mr. Muñoz received the Living Building Hero award from International Living Future Institute (ILFI) in 2017 and frequently collaborates with ILFI staff on trainings, technical sessions, and LBC/LCC integration and criteria of the Water Petal requirements.

Mr. Muñoz has been asked to speak around the country on a variety of topics including green infrastructure, regenerative design, water reuse, constructed wetlands, district-scale solutions, and climate change adaptation. Mr. Muñoz is EcoDistricts faculty and has taught water related courses at the University of Vermont, Yestermorrow Design-Build, and the Omega Institute.